Liz Gizelle

Liz Gizelle Rodriguez (Owner/Makeup Artist)

As a child growing up in New Jersey, Liz Gizelle Rodriguez maintained a steadily growing passion for the arts. At the peak of adulthood nearly ten years later, a friend who worked for MAC Cosmetics persuaded her to undergo a professional makeup application. Once the makeup application was completed, Liz was so astonished by how amazing her new look turned out that she felt inspired to pursue the makeup artist profession herself. Her desire to learn more about it led her to become quite a regular MAC customer, and her persistence to learn the tricks of the trade did not go unnoticed. When Liz was later recruited to be a part-time MAC makeup artist, what started as a personal interest transformed into a strong passion for the art of makeup design.

about Liz Gizelle applying makeup for a bride-to-be!

While enrolled in MAC’s employee training classes, Liz learned how to effectively apply color theory to the creation of specific makeup styles, including period, bridal, television, photographic, camouflage, contouring and HD Airbrushing makeup. After successfully completing her training classes and initial months of employment, she became a full-time Certified MAC Artist, and obtained Fashion Show Certification within a year. Eventually promoted to a managerial position overseeing operations and staff at four different locations, Liz was given a chance to work with and train a wide variety of artists, each having his or her own unique makeup style. She believes that this was an unmatchable opportunity for professional growth for both her and her staff.

Further, Liz’s Fashion Show Certification opened many doors for her, enabling her to participate in 10 seasons of New York’s Fashion Week at Bryant Park. Some of the designers with whom she had collaborated include Malandrino, Diesel, DKNY and Jill Stuart. During that time, she also provided her makeup services for Vi Magazine, Danity Kane, 2007 NBA Calendar Wives, Broadway Cares, and countless bridal/wedding parties. In 2011, Liz began doing makeup for several celebrity agents featured on HGTV’s television show, “Selling New York,” such as Michele Kleier, Deborah Lupard, Shaun Osher and Lucie Holt. She additionally extended her services to singer/songwriter, dancer and celebrity stylist, O’Neal McKnight, as well as Cat Greenleaf, celebrity talk show host of NBC’s “Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf.”

Liz’s passion extends to the work she does for her clients. She believes in creating a calm and fun environment to work in. She believes in building connections that last a lifetime.

Her most recent work can be seen on “The Way Home” where she does hair and makeup for any guests on the show.