HD Airbrush Makeup

HD Airbrush Makeup is the hottest new trend for anyone looking to get makeup done. HD Airbrush Makeup has become extremely popular because it creates a pixilated matte or slightly dewy coverage that can last up to 18 hours. Through airbrush makeup it is easy to achieve a very sheer or fully opaque coverage providing a lot of versatility. HD Airbrush Makeup has also revolutionized television and film makeup by helping to create a very natural look under the harsh lights used for filming and photography. I recommend HD Airbrush to all my brides! At 217 Beauty, we love HD Airbrush for a few reasons: 1). The Airbrush Gun micronizes the foundation into such a small particle, that when it lands on the skin, it mimics the texture while perfecting it, 2). When the HD Airbrush Makeup goes on, it staggers onto the skin which allows the skin to breathe, 3). You don’t even feel it when it’s on, 4). It’s very hygienic since there is no actual contact on the skin with a brush.

Traditional Makeup

While HD Airbrush Makeup might not be for everyone, Traditional Makeup is definitely the next best thing. Traditional Makeup comes in a variety of textures, finishes, and looks. Even though traditional makeup is not the new “hot trend,” keep in mind that it has been around for a very long time and has provided a countless number of brides with a beautiful fresh look. If you are unsure of which makeup to use on the day of your special event, just consult with your makeup artist on the day of your trial for more direction. Maybe you have the impression that HD Airbrush is just not for you. That’s totally fine. At 217 Beauty, we test our foundations before we use them on our brides. The foundations have to be able to: stay on all day, not feel heavy even after hours of wear, and photograph well. If a foundation does not meet all the requirements, it does not go into our kit.

Makeup Trials

We offer HD Airbrush Makeup and Traditional Makeup trials at the same rate. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, you can even do half of your face in Airbrush and half in Traditional Makeup so that you can wear it all day and decide after. We also have lashes of all sizes to choose from for your trial. If you are unsure of whether or not you want to wear fake lashes, the trial is the perfect time to try them and see if it is a viable option for you. Lashes are complimentary for the bride only at the Makeup Trial and for the Wedding Day.

Hair Design

With our top of the line hair stylists, you will be able to achieve the perfect look for your special event. A hair trial is highly recommended for any bride looking to get her hair done on her wedding day. At the hair trial, you get to explain to your hair stylist exactly what it is that you are looking for. After the hair stylist gets started, you can tweak the look as much as you need to get the look perfect for your big day. Hair extensions are available for your big day.

Eye Lashes and Hair Extensions

We carry a wide selection of eye lashes, including individuals and strips. Styles range from barely noticeable, to full and exotic. We also offer individual lashes that last approximately 10 days. This is perfect for any bride looking to wear their lashes through their honeymoon. Hair extensions are a great option for any bride that hasn’t been able to grow her hair out, or needs more volume. If you are interested, we need to see you in our office in order to color match, and order the extensions. This is also a great option for our bridesmaids. After receiving the extensions, they are yours too keep. They are 100% Human Hair which means you can cut them, dye them, hi-light them, wash them, etc.

Bridal Touch-up Services

For those brides and bridal parties that do not want to worry about touching up, we offer VIP touch-up services at an hourly rate. This is perfect for any bride that wants to look fabulous throughout the entire wedding. We extend the services to anyone in the bridal party as well.

On Set Hair and Makeup

For anyone that needs services for television, photo shoots, or film, please contact us for our day rates.