About 217


Welcome to 217 Beauty

217 is a number that has been a part of our lives for a while now. When Liz Gizelle was a teenager, beepers were very popular. OMG Beepers! Does anyone even remember what those things are? Anyhow… when Liz Gizelle wanted someone to know she was sending them a message, she would end her pager message with 217. Since you could only use numbers, you had to be creative. When you flip the numbers 217 around, they spell LIZ. This became Liz’s signature for years to come.


Years later, when Liz began working for MAC Cosmetics and discovered her passion for makeup artistry, she also discovered her absolute favorite makeup brush, the #217 MAC Blending Brush. It’s as if this brush was made just for her (or so she liked to believe)!!!


Later, Liz also discovered the Red Cherry #217 Lashes, which also became a quick favorite. Liz Gizelle realized that 217 was a great name for their new business venture because it would always remind her of where she came from, her passion, and where she wanted to be.


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